EPM Architecture Design

EPM Architecture’s success is a direct result of our belief that every successful project starts with a solid foundation. A foundation where understanding the specific goals of your project is paramount before design begins. We spend time listening to you, reading your requirements, outlining your specific goals, identifying the unique characteristics of the project, and understanding budgetary goals. In many cases, we are called upon to gather information. Only after receiving the appropriate input can we effectively translate your objectives into high-quality design solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.

EPM System is a multi-tier application environment that mainly utilizes thin-client architecture for end-user access, requiring only a supported browser on the client machine. Network traffic between the client and middle-tier server(s) generally does not exceed more than normal web traffic.

A middle-tier application server is required. WebLogic Server is provided with a default installation. You can also use another supported application server. See the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System Certification Matrix (http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/ias/downloads/fusion-certification-100350.html) for a list of supported application servers.

The data tier is comprised of two components that store data differently. In Essbase environments, the data is stored and calculated in the database on the server file system. In Financial Management environments, the application framework, metadata, and textual data are stored in a relational repository.

Already sounds like a magic?

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