Oracle has been very successful over the years acquiring software and products to compliment and strengthen its impressive portfolio. While the level of effort and complexity of combining products into an overall solution stack such as Oracle Fusion Middleware must surely be daunting, it is easy to overlook the challenge Oracle faces to get everything on a consistent versioning and release scheme.

Those who used legacy Hyperion products were used to a simpler, and easier versioning construct. Hyperion System 9 was somewhat easy to understand, as the product matured into an overall solution from otherwise separate products in the previous versions. However, with the Oracle acquisition and the integration of the Hyperion code into the Fusion Middleware line of products, the product adopted the Oracle versioning system, which can be foreign to some, and trigger questions among customers: What is my a base version? When should I apply a patch? What’s the difference between an upgrade and a patch? Should I apply all patches that are on the support site, how often?